Areas of Investment / Minimum Account Size

B  & A Sector Watch has no requirements for opening or maintaining an account, such as a minimum account size at our end. However, the investment vehicle the client selects may have an account minimum. Purchasing treasuries directly from the U.S. Government would require enough money deposited to complete the desired purchase. Purchasing securities through TD Ameritrade, although they technically require no minimum balance for opening an account, would require a minimum amount of money to complete the desired transaction. Should the client decide to open an account at Guggenheim Funds, their minimum account size is $1,000 for a retirement account and $2,500 for all other accounts.  Should a client decide to open an account at Pro Funds, their minimum account size is $15,000. But if your account is opened through B & A Sector Watch at Pro Funds, we can get you started for as little as $5,000.  In short, we have no requirements for opening or maintaining an account at our end, such as a minimum balance. Any kind of minimum balance would depend on the investment entity the client chooses and their particular requirements and what the client wants to do with whatever money the client brings to the table.

At B  & A Sector Watch, we shy away from futures for one really good reason. Five out of six futures market players lose money. Yes, there are hedged futures strategies that seem promising but why bother? A casual reading of Future’s magazine shows the winning top of the heap strategies barely produce a double digit return. With an enhanced index strategy, one can anticipate a thirteen percent index return using just historical performance. Neither futures nor indexing is a guaranteed rate of return but why risk capsizing with futures? There is always free cheese in the mousetrap. Former aluminum siding salesmen tell you how easy it is to make money in futures. Just look at the worst performers in Future’s magazine and stay away from futures.