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We calculate your daily balance and in our quarterly statements we send this to you as part of our standard service. Our authority over your account is limited to the Limited Power of Attorney the mutual fund you select gives us.

We have no proprietary products. We are not financial planners. We have no minimum account size or investment amount. That is determined by the mutual fund you select. We like Guggenheim Investments and Pro Funds because they are no-load, allow frequent (daily) trading if desired and have daily liquidity. Your financial situation and your investing attitude will determine whether you need an investment advisor.

The amount of money you bring to the table along with where you are financially will determine how much of the core and satellite position we would recommend. With $100,000, we probably would recommend 40% 2X S&P 500, 40% 2X NASDAQ 100 and 20% Biotech. With $10,000 we probably would recommend a 50/50 position in 2X S&P 500 and 2X NASDAQ 100.

We have a Series 65 license and extensive education and experience. For expanded detail on everything in this investment services and advice paragraph and more, see our expanded Form CRS Disclosure and our current ADV Part 2.

Read over our Part ll ADV Disclosure document, our Form CRS Regulation Best Interest document and our Expanded Form CRS Regulation Best Interest Document.

Look at your total financial picture. Get the right mix of real estate, cash on hand (money market, certificates of deposit, bonds with different maturities), and other investments that’s right for you before you jump into the stock market.

Once you commit to the stock market, determine how much time you have to achieve your financial goals. This will tell you how much volatility you will need to assume which will influence your choice of an investment vehicle, time frame and timing strategy.

Bob Benkovich

At B & A Sector Watch, we attempt to beat the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 by utilizing leveraged (200%) Index Funds. Most of our investors are sophisticated, market savvy individuals who know just how difficult this goal is.  In 2021 (mid-pandemic) there were 7,481 mutual funds in the United States.  Over 80 percent failed to beat the S &P 500 benchmark for the last 1, 3 and 5 years.  We all want more yet we know that the S&P 500 index year in and year out beats eighty percent of the pros.

We believe leveraged index funds provide the necessary volatility with reasonable risk for us to achieve our goal.