Our Plan to Grow Your Wealth

Use leveraged indexes at B & A Sector Watch to reach your financial goals.

The S & P 500 has returned an average yield of 6.5% for the last one hundred years factoring in all of the up and down years. We can deliver twice the performance of the S & P 500 or NASDAQ 100. At 6.5%, you will double your money once every 11.08 years. At 13%, you will double your money once every 5.54 years. These are planning estimates based on real historical averages, not on any guaranteed rate. You could land up with more or less than these estimates. But after the bear market of a lifetime, these indexes are “on sale” and that spells opportunity for you. Indexing outperforms over eighty percent of market timing strategies. We love the leveraged indexes we offer as a foundation for just about any client account with an intermediate to long term time horizon. It is a conservative way to grow your money. For our more aggressive clients, we can time these indexes using many timing strategies to potentially make money in up and in down markets.